Justin Albertson

"BURN Class"

Justin Albertson

Day 3 of Burnfit’s BURN class. A different instructor for each class I took, and all three were very knowledgeable, professional yet personable, and inviting. A great workout with the instructors pushing you, yet knowing when students need to catch their breath or stop all together for injury prevention. Highly recommend BURNfit!

So I’m 4 months in at Burnfit and just completed our Firefighter fitness assessments (Chesapeake Fire Department). My VO2 max last year (2020) was 39.5 and METs score was 11.2. This year my VO2 max was 47.1 and my METs score jumped to 13.46, which is a huge jump in just 4 months. I’m hooked on Burnfit for life and beyond thankful for the coaches working with me!!!

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